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Remote Learning Setup


Does your child need to do School work from home?  Do you need to work from home? We will make sure all your systems are ready to go, so you and your family can be as productive as possible at home. We will make sure you're set up, optimized and ready to work from home as efficiently as possible.

Service includes:
- Measure your internet speed and connectivity.
- Ensure WiFi signal in your home is strong so you don’t have any needless interruptions.
- Examine your computer's security protocols, make sure they're up to date.
- Ensure that all your critical peripherals are connected, setup and working and that you know how to use them including: Printers, Webcams, Monitors, Monitor stands, Wireless keyboards and Wireless Mouse:

Dear Valued Customers,

We want to ensure all of our customers during these uncertain times of the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID19). We want to assure you that here at Computer Mafia, we take your safety and ours very seriously. We have been taking on additional measures to such as wearing gloves for all repairs and other disinfection measures. We have outlined a few additional tips below.

We ask that customers do their part to ensure everyone’s safety:

Please avoid scheduling in-home work with us if you meet any of the higher risk categories as identified by the CDC (e.g., adults over 65). The complete list is 
If a service can be performed remotely (i.e., a computer tune-up), we ask that you use our remote service instead on in-home (which will also save you money).
If you have a scheduled home service:

If you feel sick, please contact us to cancel your service. We will waive any cancellations fees related to illness.
Please be prepared for the tech to perform the work as expeditiously as possible (e.g., have passwords ready, a clear work area, be at home on time, etc.).
Refrain from physical greetings such as handshakes.
Maximize Personal Distance. Most sources recommend keeping six (6) feet away from others to minimize the chance of spreading germs.
After the service wash your hands with soap and water to disinfect your hands. 

New Remote Learning and Work From Home Services Available

Work From Home Setup


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